Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Celebrating the Birth of Christ

As Christmas quickly approaches, how do you plan on celebrating?   

I’d like to be sure that my children know the real reason we celebrate this holiday, the birth of Christ.  Here are a few things we will do as a family:

·        Bake treats for friends, family, neighbors, etc.  We bag these up and stick a label on them with scripture that represents Christ’ birth.    Then I drive my children around letting them get out to deliver the goodies and wish people a Merry Christmas.

·        Take your children shopping for a toy to donate to a needy family.

·  Perform a random act of kindness.  For example, while paying for your food in the drive-thru, pay for the person’s food behind you.  Tell the lady at the window to wish them a Merry Christmas for you.  (I pray before going to the drive thru, that God will place a person behind me that needs a little Christmas Spirit.)

·    Have a birthday party for Baby Jesus!  On Christmas Eve morning, my children and I will decorate a cake.  After our Christmas meal, we will sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles!  (This is the first year we will do this and the children are really excited about it!)

·        Read the Christmas story from the Bible.  Every year on Christmas morning, when the children awake, they crawl in the bed with us and we will read Luke 2.  (Tad usually wants to read it for us.)  Then we run to the living room to open presents!

·        Christmas is on a Sunday this year.  We will definitely go to our Christmas church service.  What better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than to go to church?  If you don’t have a home church, please join us at Greensboro Baptist Church Sunday morning at 10am.

Feel free to comment and leave more ideas for us!